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The Traditional Approach To Software Testing Is Broken

The rules of software testing have changed.

Release cycles are shrinking, device types are expanding, browser and OS updates are more frequent, and customer expectations have never been higher.

The digital products you create have a direct impact on customer experience, revenue growth, and business operations.

Isolated backroom QA is no longer sufficient to prevent costly bugs, much less secure a winning edge on your competitors.

Uncover Critical Bugs That Fly Under Your Radar

Bugwolf transforms testing cycles into fast-paced challenges that cut software delivery cycles from weeks to days, reduce customer support calls, and save money in the process.

Our unique approach to exploratory user acceptance testing uncovers glitches that go undetected in conventional testing processes.

During challenges testers compete to uncover as many bugs as possible within a set timeframe (usually six hours). The testers with the most verified bugs at the end of the challenge win cash and prizes.

Best of all, Bugwolf is so intuitive that literally anyone you choose can participate in challenges, so a fresh set of unbiased eyes is never far away!

“Bugwolf found bugs we didn’t even know existed”

“Our customers are global and testing in each region is typically not possible. Bugwolf assembled an elite team of beta-testers where our customers are and issued each with credit cards. This meant they tested our e-commerce platform in a real world environment and found bugs we didn’t even know existed.”

Steve Maidment

General Manager, Digital Channels and Innovation
Australia Post

What makes Bugwolf different?

A flexible way to scale your testing capacity

Speed up testing cycles with on-demand access to a team of expert testers. Of the thousands of testing applications we receive each year, only the best make the cut.

A fun & engaging way to fast-track test cycles

Bugwolf challenges encourage a friendly sense of competition which lets you generate weeks’ worth of testing insights in less than 24 hours.

Integrate with your existing apps & workflows

It’s quick and easy to import Bugwolf bug reports and data into your bug tracking tools, including: Jira, Rational, Bugzilla and more.

Replicate & remediate errors with video reports

Accelerate the bug remediation process and save the back and forth between engineering and testing by providing short, easy to understand video bug reports.

A secure platform & vetted testers

Our testers undergo a thorough vetting and on-boarding process. We also rigorously adhere to best practices throughout our stack including two-factor authentication and SPL.


Top benefits of testing with Bugwolf

Usability Testing

Ensure your application is bug-free on all devices, operating systems and browsers.

Select Testers By Location

Get nuanced feedback from testing teams in the same regions as your customers.

Quick-Start Onboarding Call

Schedule a one-on-one call to fast-track the creation of your first challenge.

Non-Compete Requirements

Our detailed vetting process ensures pro testers are not working with competitors.

Detailed Bug Reports

Clear and detailed reports make it easy to replicate and remediate bugs fast.

Dedicated Delivery & Testing Director

Testing experts coach testers during challenges to help you achieve your goals.

Secure Storage Of Bug Reports & Videos

Data security is paramount. You can use our secure cloud storage or choose your own.

Streamlined Remediation Process

We review results to remove duplicate bug reports and ensure accurate severity ratings.


“What kind of results can I expect?”

Many enterprise-level Bugwolf users have invested millions of dollars in their internal testing and QA processes, so it may surprise you to learn that Bugwolf challenges typically produce a ROI of 300-1000%. Learn how in 12 hours Bugwolf:


258 bugs




21 days



“The return on investment is compelling”

“Bugwolf provides an innovative approach to testing, especially in digital. Our initial bug hunts demonstrated a significant opportunity to reduce the cost of testing whilst maintaining (and often enhancing) quality as we increase the speed to customer value. The return on investment is compelling.”

Todd Copeland

General Manager Digital
National Australia Bank


Testers compete to make your products better

Launch Challenges

Create challenges and assemble a testing team in minutes.

Testers Compete

Make testing fun and engaging increasing participation.

Rapid Insights

Receive reports in minutes and release bug-free products faster.
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“Bugwolf accelerated test cycles from weeks to days”

“Bugwolf was appointed to de-risk the relaunch of the new global Penfolds website, the largest and most successful brand in the Treasury Wines Estate portfolio. Bugwolf allowed our company to launch the new Penfolds.com website in an accelerated time frame, reducing the test cycle from weeks to days, and reducing bugs in production.”

Rod Williams

Projects Director
Treasury Wines Estate