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introducing Gamified exploratory testing

The traditional approach to crowd testing is broken

Crowd testing is a powerful way to capture important insights about your website or app...

But most crowd testing solutions have it wrong.
They incentivise large groups of untrained testers to provide lots of unstructured feedback. Leaving you with a huge backlog of low-priority issues that need to be de-duplicated, triaged and remediated.

Bugwolf is different.
We convert exploratory testing into competitive six-hour “test challenges” that reward elite testers based on speed, coverage and business impact.

During each challenge, vetted local testers compete to uncover functionality, usability and experience-related issues that typically go undetected by traditional testing processes.
We then triage your results and provide detailed, severity-ranked video bug reports to make remediation a breeze.

The result is up to 5X device coverage, 50% lower costs and dramatically faster test cycles.

Elite Testers Compete

Testers are rewarded based on speed, coverage and bug severity

Accelerate Test Cycles

Condense full test cycles into on-demand six-hour test challenges

Rapid Insights

View functional, usability and experience-related feedback in real time
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“The return on investment is compelling”

“Bugwolf provides an innovative approach to testing, especially in digital. Our initial bug hunts demonstrated a significant opportunity to reduce the cost of testing whilst maintaining (and often enhancing) quality as we increase the speed to customer value. The return on investment is compelling.”

Todd Copeland

General Manager Digital
National Australia Bank

User acceptance & gamified testing

Bugwolf turns software testing into a competitive sport where testers compete over accelerated time frames to report on ways to improve the usability, UX, functionality and security.

Deeply experience testers

Our testers are not crowd sourced. All testers are local, handpicked, have at least five-years industry experience, are vetted, and sign non-disclosure agreements. This is critical for many clients in the fintech arena.

Accelerate test cycles

We condense 18 hours of elite testing into a six-hour window. These challenges can be assembled in as little as 24 hours. Clients get access to the results in real-time.

One-click test case creation

All issues can be converted into new test cases and re-tested with a single click to bolster regression suites and prevent issues slipping through the cracks again in future.

Video capture tool

All issues submitted by Bugwolf testers are accompanied by video footage. This takes the guesswork out of replicating and remediating issues.

Audit reporting & test results

Our SaaS platform gives clients real-time access to the reports and charts including videos with mouse tracking plus voice, which can be imported into JIRA, Slack, Github, plus more.

Results & R.O.I.

Clear, bottom-line results are an important measure of the value we deliver. Our platform includes algorithms to help clients calculate the return on investment produced every time we run a Bugwolf challenge. Average client ROI for Q3 2017 was 516%.

Quality director & management

Clients are appointed a dedicated quality director who will liaise with team members and arrange kick off calls, assemble testers, manage challenges and triage results.

“Bugwolf found bugs we didn’t even know existed”

“Our customers are global and testing in each region is typically not possible. Bugwolf assembled an elite team of beta-testers where our customers are and issued each with credit cards. This meant they tested our e-commerce platform in a real world environment and found bugs we didn’t even know existed.”

Steve Maidment

General Manager, Digital Channels and Innovation
Australia Post


“What kind of results can I expect?”

Many enterprise-level Bugwolf users have invested millions of dollars in their internal testing and QA processes, so it may surprise you how significant the average results from a six-hour Bugwolf "test challenge" can be:


90 bugs




14 days


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